Wilderness Fishing

We are pleased to offer you a special opportunity to fish from the secluded and unspoilt shores of the free-floating Kalix- and Kaitum rivers. The Kalix river is probably one of Sweden's foremost renowned salmon rivers as well as being rich in trout and grayling. The Kaitum river is known as Lapland's best grayling river.

The Kalix river valley stretches from the high mountains in the north-west (just west of Sweden's highest mountain, Kebnekaise) to the Gulf of Bothnia in the south-east. The river's 430 km journey flows throuch a multi-cultural area in which Laplander, Finnish and Swedish customs and folklore are represented. On its way towards the sea, the river winds through Lappish high-mountain wilderness and waving taiga forests.

The Kaitum river is a tributary river to the Kalix river. Here you are remote from civilisation and free to enjoy the tranquillity and scenic beauty of the Swedish wilderness in all its abundance. During your fishing trip, there will be plenty of opportunities to see native wildlife in their natural habitat.

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2-4 day trip
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